Reminder: Lack of sleep may be reason why you’re still single?

Can you still remember when was the last time you completed a seven to nine hours of sleep? Well, if you’re still single and can’t remember, this may be a little reminder for you. A study just comes up that lack of sleep doesn’t just affect you physically and emotionally but can also affect your chances of having a love of your life.

You might not be one of those who are in a hurry but this could be also a reason why you are single and sometimes are just getting along with some friends instead of having a date. Remember the time you became a third wheel and the time you watched a movie? Well, you could have not been alone only if you slept well.

Having a career is probably one of the reasons that are keeping every single one awake. Maybe an urgent business plan, a presentation or some work that have to be done on time, but here’s what sleep is what you and your body needs Career might be important, no doubt it is, but the idea of having someone beside you is a thing that might also lessen any stress that you are feeling. It could have been some stress reliever that you can talk with after a long day at work or someone whom you can invite anywhere and anytime just to be with them. But sadly, because of your lack of sleep, love might come later or if you continue, it might not just come.

Remember, sleep deprivation might not just affect your chances of finding love but might also how you react to any gatherings, meetings or your social relationship. Sleep deprivation is not just lowering your immune system but also might give you an emotional problem at some times, that’s why our doctors are often advising us to have seven to nine hours of sleep.

Career nor studies are something that we need to sustain our needs in this life but there’s nothing better but to have a healthy body. And once you have a healthy body and a clear mind, wherein stress is not what keeps you surviving that’s when at some point love will come. Just remember, lack of sleep can always make an individual look tired and unpleasing but once you completed your sleep and be well-rested that’s where the attractive side of you will show up. Now if you think that you are one of those who have sleep deprivation or lack of sleep, this might be a chance for you to slowly change your routine.


You can start as early as now by changing your sleeping patterns and making it consistent. It’s now time to keep away your phone and try to have a good sleep. Invest in something that is also for you, your body represents on who you are and it is now time to take care of it and know what self-care is. Who knows aside from understanding what self-care is you might also find someone that will take care of you for the rest of your life.

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