Vice Ganda lectures netizens who called out to him because of his Shopping Tweet.

In our country, one of the things that we do to spend our free time is to go to the mall and have some fun. The mall has a lot of things to offer, you can go to eat, have a haircut, buy groceries, and shop for things. Yes, shopping is really common in malls and people come and go to buy the things that they need and that they want.

This is really common in the country and everyday people post pictures of themselves going to malls and spends time with their friends and loved ones. The same goes for famous people such as celebrities and showbiz personalities. Like us common folks, they too go to malls and spends time with people they love. Sometimes they go to malls just to go away from the things that are happening in their lives and have some space for themselves, away from all the stress that the showbiz industry has.

The same thing happened recently with the sensational actor and television host, Vice Ganda. He brought to social media a series of Tweets about him spending some time shopping in the mall to avoid the things that people argue about. He started with a tweet explaining that there are a lot of people arguing and the twitter world is in chaos and he wants to be at peace so he’d just go to the mall and enjoy shopping.



The Tweet leads to fans and the people reacting to the shopping part of the post. Many people called him privileged and insensitive. So the comedian immediately responded with a series of tweets about how common it is in the Philippines to go shopping and the proof of it is that there are so many malls in the country.


This is not an argument whether he is privileged or not, shopping is a common thing that Filipinos do and many of us to those things despite having a lot of money or having a few. It is an activity that many people enjoy and it is a way for us to distract ourselves in the many problems and realities that we face.

The lecture of the comedian gained attention on social media and they are now talking about it all over. They were all saying that the actor is right on his opinions and he just wants good vibes on his social media. Some explained the situation of the actor and they were all saying why do they care if he wants to go shopping, it is his money anyway, he could buy whatever he wants.


The actor concludes his post with a Tweet saying that he has the right to go shopping because he is a hard-working Filipino, unlike other people. Fans of the comedian still stood their ground and they all showered him with love and support all over Twitter.

Vice Ganda is a famous actor, comedian, and television host. He is best known as one of the regular hosts in the biggest noon-time show in the country called Its Showtime!

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