Teacher Left Everyone In Awe After Showing Detailed Design Using Only Just A Chalk

School is where you learn new things and you are being guided by teachers. Education is important because it gives you the skills and knowledge you need for your future and some jobs may require basic knowledge that you’ve learned in class.

There’s some talented individual that is dedicated to teaching you all the things you need to succeed in life. Their only goal is to nurture you into a fine person and would never ask anything in return because they made a vow to themselves. They chose education as careers and they’re proud to call themselves teachers.

Teachers are like a second parent to a student and ensure that they will grow into a better person someday. Knowledge is very important to us and teachers plays an important role in our lives because they’re the ones that teach us everything. They would showcase their talents and make their teachings significant to their student, so the learnings is a memorable one.

A young student secretly posted a photo of Mrs. Susana J Albarracin with a caption “The Legendary Technical Drafting Teacher of Tagum National Trade School”. In her post, there were some photos of Ms. Albarracin drawing a house plan in perfect details and lettering using only chalk. Netizens were amazed by her skills and some of her former students remembered how her teachings.

Joanna Fe A. Taboada is the student who posted the photo and during a chat session with her, she discloses that Ms. Albarracin was a ‘strict teacher’ and she always sets a high standard for her student as she provides tremendous effort in teaching them.

Her approach when it comes to teaching is tough love and it’s for them to learn. She always reminds them to stop complaining even though the task was difficult. Though she’s really given them a hard time, she’s also the first one to demonstrate how to complete the task so that they are guided correctly.

The lesson that she would like her students to understand was to be sensitive about the future by letting them experience how hard it is to make technical drafting plates. There will come a time that they’ll have their own employees and by experiencing how hard creating these plates would make them more compassionate to their future workers.

Technical drafting means overnight drawing but Ms. Albarracin doesn’t only teach them how to draw house plan but also landscaping and planting vegetables. She would never let her student do an activity without her showing how it’s done.

Last year, she had retired as a teacher but the knowledge she has given will forever be remembered by her student and maybe one day, a successor will carry on her work. It is just rare to find a very intelligent teacher that will give you the necessary push you need to succeed in life. It would be years before you can realize that those ‘terror teacher’ you had weren’t just trying to you a hard time but was making sure you are equipped for the challenges in the future.

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