Seth Fedelin accidentally reveals his feelings for Andrea Brillantes.

Love is in the air in the recent interview that the young actor, Seth Fedelin, had with bloggers of the Kapamilya Network. We all know that one of the things that are so huge in the showbiz industry is having a love team. From chemistry up to becoming a real couple, love teams are stories that people follow especially the young. We want to get the scoop on the celebrities we follow and we want to be the first ones to see the developments of the romantic relationship that love teams are brewing.

But being in a love tandem is not an easy task, as young as they are, they are faced and mobbed by many people and everyone is talking about their lives whether on television and on social media. This is really common to may actors and actresses in the industry and most of the time they accidentally talk about it and slip some real-life details that are happening with their lives.

One of the common scoops that these celebrities shares is what is the current status that they are having with their love team partner. And this type of scoop has recently occurred with the phenomenal young actor Seth Fedelin. We all know that Fedelin is the love tandem partner of the young actress Andrea Brillantes in a project called Kadenang Ginto.

In a recent interview, the actor Seth answered different questions regarding the role and the scenes that he had with the actress Andrea. He honestly explained that he is really feeling insecure when it comes to working with the actress and he is really amazed and astounded of her beauty.

Another thing that he answered is what other fans thought of his style, many people see the resemblance of Seth and Daniel Padilla and they were all asking if he was copying Daniel or if he is looking up to the actor. Seth admitted that Daniel is one of his idols and he wanted to do the same things that the actor did with his life and his family.

The people were surprised and happy with his answer and they were all saying that he is a good kid. They wish him well with his career but just about the interview is to end, a follow-up question appeared and the actor couldn’t avoid it. He was asked about the one time that he admitted that he had a crush on the actress Andrea.


Calm and composed the actor responded to the question that he is really happy when he is working with the actress. He discovered that he is an amazing person and she is really kind. He looks up to her because of her life story and young as they are she really has lots of goals in mind.

Seth Fedelin is a young actor and model in the Kapamilya Network. He rose to fame after being discovered in the reality TV Show called Pinoy Big Brother. He is now the love tandem partner of the famous child star and now actress Andrea Brillantes in the drama series called Kadenang Ginto.

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