Ryan Bang voices out his intense thoughts on Hashtag Wilbert while on air.

It is not unusual that there is competition in our respective workplaces. May it be who’s the best, who is the fastest, who is the most hardworking, and even the most ridiculous competition such as who is the most handsome? Yes, healthy competition is common in the workplace and it really is the middle ground for people to be close to each other and be comfortable to work with.

But sometimes too much competition is not healthy for people and it may lead to things getting worst and relationships complicated and worst it can lead to people not being efficient in their work. This is true to some companies and that is why many managers and leaders are often open in talking about these things because they want to know and mend the relationships of the people in their jobs.

This is happening to many of us and we know that only when you speak about these issues that it can be resolved because people will take action. The same thing is happening when it comes to famous people like artists and showbiz personalities. They too have intense competition in their workplace and sometimes confrontations happen.

Such confrontation did happen recently and no one expected it because it happened while they are on air. The South Korean TV host and comedian, Ryan Bang, did bring laughter after hilariously confronting the actor and Hashtag member Wilbert Ross.

While they were having the usual skit on air, Hashtag Wilbert enters the scene bring a glass of drink to the actor Vhong Navarro. The host mentioned that he looks nervous and asks the reason why. While answering and talking about some things, the comedian Ryan Bang then cuts in the conversation and mentioned that he is noticing some weird air on Hashtag Wilbert.

Ryan added that he knows that Wilbert is really handsome but whenever he is in the same room with him, he sees that Wilbert feels like he is the most handsome man in the room. He admitted that this kind of attitude irritates him and he asks why is he doing such a thing.

Hashtag Wilbert answered that it is normal to have competitions especially when both of them are the only ones who looked like Korean in the crew and maybe that is the reason why he feels intimidated of his presence.

The video went massive on social media and many people are now commenting their thoughts and sentiments on what Ryan Bang said. The video turns out to be super fun but then again some are saying that it is not necessary to mention those things while others are saying that Ryan Bang is cute when he honestly shares his insecurities on others while they are on air.

Ryan Bang is a famous South Korean actor, comedian, television personality in the Philippines. He rose to fame in 2010 and ever since then he became a regular TV Host in one of the biggest noontime show in the country called Showtime.

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