Netizens call for Sanya Lopez to be the Next Darna after doing the signature shout while on Air.

Many of us know about the original superhero movie and one of the most iconic stories in the Philippine Film Industry called “The Darna”. It is a film where a normal and simple girl called Narda is using her secret superpowers to fight crimes and to keep the peace in the lands.

This wonderful story is one of the things that many Filipino people are looking out for. They are always waiting for updates of who is going to be the next actress to be favored of the role. Whenever such projects are in line, people across the nation are talking about who are their bets in taking up the role. Such things are always viral on social media and people do always have their own opinions on who’s going to be and who’s not.

We all have known that the Darna movie is getting ready for their production. In previous reports from the management of Star Magic, the actress Liza Soberano is the chosen actress among the many beautiful women in the country who will take up the role. A lot of fans and people were excited to see the movie. But recently, the actress Liza has been the talk of the town after people have learned that she is turning down the role of Darna because of a finger injury that she had.

Now, the poll of the next actress to be Darna has been going around on social media. Many fans are rooting for their respective idols but one actress caught the attention of many after some fans of the GMA Network demanded that the role should be opened to both Kapamilya and Kapuso network actresses.

Many people are now pushing and encouraging the young and beautiful actress Sanya Lopez to go on auditions for Darna. They were all saying that the actress is really perfect for the role because she is a total package. With her incomparable Filipina Beauty perfect for “Narda” and her stunning body and action moves which is really fit in taking the role of “Darna”, the movie will definitely be exciting to see.

Recently, a video interview of the actress Sanya Lopez has been going around on different social networks after netizens have seen what she did on Air. After being asked of the many things happen with her career and life, the host asked if she is going to take on the auditions. The network also asked if she could do the signature shout and pose of the movie.

People were astounded for the actress did a great job on the video. Fans are now flooding the video and social media with their many encouraging comments. They were all hoping that the actress will take on the auditions and be awarded of the role.

Sanya Lopez is a Filipina actress best known for her portrayal as Lorna in the afternoon series called the Half Sisters. She rose to fame after being deemed worthy as the new Hara Danaya in GMA Network’s Encantadia

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