Netizens are worried after Angel Locsin got bitten by a dog.

We all have known the saying the dogs are man’s best friend. Yes, it is an adage that many dog lovers have used in convincing another person to have a dog as a pet. It can also be a line we can use whenever we see how loyal dogs are when it comes to their masters and there is a lot of video on the internet which proves the statement.

Dogs are really awesome creatures. They are loving, caring, cute, and lastly, they are also protective of their family. We can see a lot of dogs defend and guards the home of their owners and also they are dogs who are equipped to do battle and to handle other high-level circumstances. With this said, dogs can be sweet yet also be alarming because they are the real deal and they can bring serious damage when they are not handled properly.

We can hear different people complaining that they have been bitten by dogs and they are putting up to the hassles of going to the hospital and having a vaccine shot. Also, the worst thing can happen is that bites can put a person into a serious and perilous situation. Stories like these are quite common on the internet and it goes the same when it comes to famous people like celebrities and showbiz personalities.

Recently, the superstar actress and television personality Angel Locsin made many of her fans worried after sharing her story on social media. On Instagram, the actress posted a photo together with a cute little dog but then that cute dog bit her in the face. A little while later, the actress showed her face and shared it on IG Stories.

This gained the attention of many people on social media. They really got worried over what happened and they are all asking the actress to take really good care of herself. They were all suggesting that she goes to the hospital and have it checked and they were all saying that it is better to be safe.

Some even said that they need to look for the dog to get checked as well for the safety of the actress. Fans became worried for her and they are all expressing their thoughts about the actress on social media. Everyone was relieved when they knew that the actress is safe and they were all wishing her well when it comes to her health.

We wouldn’t know for sure what might happen whenever these things occur to a person but the best thing to do is go to the doctor and follow their advice. We all wish for the best for the actress and we all look forward to seeing her more on television and on social media.

Angel Locsin is one of the icons in the showbiz industry and has successfully made many projects throughout her career. She is best known for being part of the television series called Mulawin and Darna. Now, she is a talent on ABS-CBN Network and has been part of huge shows such as Pilipinas Got Talent.

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