Netizen shows how to slay the outfits you buy from Ukay-ukay.

Netizen shows how to slay the outfits you buy from Ukay-Ukay.

People are always updated with the latest fashion trends and tend to buy expensive dresses and jewelry just to belong. However, no amount of clothing can satisfy your contentment because your clothes prices don’t determine how much you are worth. Nobody should make that decision for you because you should know who you are.

This is a common misconception of our society nowadays and some judge others based on what they wear. People feels ashamed of buying cheap outfits so that is why we have to remove that mindset of the more expensive outfit you wear, the better. It is true the expensive dresses can attract the attention of others and also make you feel good but it’s doesn’t really make you look good.

By the end of the day, those are just material things design to make you feel better so just buy those that are simple yet elegant just like this woman that recently went viral in social media. Photos draw attention when a female netizen found a place where she can buy branded clothes at a very affordable price. This woman wears no make-up, carrying her own eco-bag while buying in Ukay.

She’s wearing ‘pambahay’ with flipflops and no one would have thought she bought these from Ukay that only cost her around 10-120 pesos. Ukay-ukay comes from a Filipino word ‘Hukay’ or ‘Halukay’ which means to sift through or to dig but today it is commonly known as a store that sells second-hand apparel such as clothes, bag, shoes and other accessories for a very cheap price. It is not easy to find what you’re looking and you must go through these racks carefully find the best items.

A Facebook page posted a photo of the female netizens wearing simple clothing along with the same person wearing the clothes she bought from Ukay as if they’re trying to prove a point. The transformation is in a whole new level and no one could actually spot the difference. She’s even dressed up as a model; to think those dresses were bought from Ukay.

She also explained that with a budget of 150 pesos you can already buy decent clothes, you just have to wash them and make them look as new. Also, wear makeup, style should be on point, confidence level and bring your A game. “Don’t be choosy because in Ukay you can go far.”

Some of the netizens, who also buys from Ukay, agrees with her and says she looks fantastic. Between looking good in an outfit that costs thousands versus an outfit the costs hundreds any netizen would choose Ukay in a heartbeat. You have to learn how to look good without spending too much.

Now, netizens are posting photos of their purchase in the comment section to show their appreciation and to share the location of the best Ukay store within the country. They are now exchanging prices and information and everyone are happy about it.

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