Mariel Padilla shares a tour on their newly customized big time van.

All of us have dreams and aspirations in life. Whether it was for ourselves, our community, or our family, we are always happy whenever we achieved these aspirations little by little. Now, that we live in the modern age, we always see a lot of people share their dreams and goals in life and they always share their adventures on social media.

We all could relate to the joy and happiness that they have and we are all inspired to see these people and someday we want our dreams to come true as well. The same goes for our favorite celebrities and showbiz personalities. Because they are really famous, the one thing we could do is we can follow them from afar and see them on their respective social media accounts.

We can get to know what’s happening with them, what are their goals in life, and we can see the moments of joy that they have whenever they succeed in life. This has thing has happened with the phenomenal actress and television personality, Mariel Padilla. She’s been the talk of the town recently after people have seen the tour photos that she took to Instagram.

On Instagram, the Showtime host posted a series of pictures together with her husband Robin and her daughter Isabella. She shared different pictures of their newly customized Hyundai van and it was really decent and great. The actress shared how much happy and satisfied she is after taking out the van for a ride.

She also shared in the post how sweet and loving her husband is for giving her the van and for customizing it specifically for her needs when it comes to her work. We all know that she is really a busy person throughout the day and because of the traffic she spends most of her time on the van doing all the stuff in between the next gig that she is going.

She also shared that the customized van is also perfect for her growing family. She wanted a space for their family to eat, to watch TV, to be entertained and also a place for them to sleep and the mini couch that the van has is perfect. She was totally happy with what she received and she proudly shares all of it on social media.

The TV Host also shared to the public that she is grateful to have a husband like Robin Padilla and it is really great that he is loving and providing everything for them.

The post went massive online and many people are now giving out their love and support to them. They were all commending Mariel for a good purchase and they were happy to see that their idol is really happy with her van.

Mariel Padilla is one of the famous television personality in the Philippines and she is quite known for her extraordinary hosting skills. She is best known for being part of the strongest noontime show in the country called Its Showtime.

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