Mariel Padilla commented on a photo of his husband with other girls and the netizens are furious about it

Being a part of showbiz means putting your name in the limelight as well as your families’ this may also include some controversies that may either make your relationships strong or be torn.

Robin Padilla also is known as the “Bad Boy” because of portraying protagonist roles is now married with Mariel Padilla, an actress, and host. But just recently in social media, a photo of Robin Padilla with other girls was uploaded. The said photo was involving two girls and the other one which is even sitting on Robin’s lap.

Despite this, Mariel Padilla is still uploading photos of Robin and how her husband always take care of her and their daughter Isabela. It is an appreciation post that she posted on her Instagram account. But then, a curious netizen commented and ask, “What happened to the photo with the girl on his lap, okey lang sa iyo?” But wait, Mariel has a reply on this.

She simply replied, “ang babaw nun, our marriage is much stronger on that.” A lot of netizens acknowledge her maturity against the photo but there are still some who get furious about it and saying that Mariel is just snobbing these photos and was even called ‘nagbubulag-bulagan’.


Here are some comments from the netizens who have seen Mariel’s post:

“Iba yung marriage is stronger sa nag bubulag bulagan.”

“Ang babaw daw nun. Sus si mariel pa.
Pa strong si gurl na akala mo di affected. So ok lang sa kanya na may kumandong kay robin na ibang babae?”

“Kunwari lang di affected si ateng mariel pero deep inside bwisit na bwisit.”

“Mababaw? Buti kung lola na yung babae at obvious na biru-biruan lang na walang malisya. Kahit ako magagalit kung samin ng asawa ko mangyari yan at wala pang history ng pambababae ang asawa ko ha.”

“yeah Mariel convince yourself”

“My partner will never disrespect me by letting another woman sit on his lap.”

“I saw picture of Robin with my female friends on FB during campaign period and iisa comment nila super gwapo, mabango and mabait, yung iba nakayakap talaga kay Robin ano nga ba magagawa nya if may yumakap p biglang kumandong sa kanya kung itulak nya o pagbawalan for sure may masasabi din na di maganda sa kanya.”

“Old habits never die, kaya accept accept nalang si ateng. Infairness hanga ako sa pagiging mature nya mag isip. From her younger days, never think na magiging strong and mature si Mariel plus very hands on mom cos of her kikayness and pagiging iyakin before”

With all these negative comments, netizens compared Mariel from her past self and emphasized that Mariel already matured a lot and probably after being a wife and also a mother. Gladly, Robin and her wife are not affected with the photos and the comments, for, in fact, Mariel is now pregnant with their second child and she knows that she can always trust and depend on Robin especially now.

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