Liza Soberano pushes through another operation after revealing her Darna Finger Injury.

One of the big things that a celebrity has on her plate is accepting and turning down on projects. Whenever a person becomes a famous celebrity, there are a lot of opportunities that will surely come her way but there are crucial decisions that they need to make especially because there are a lot of things that they need to keep like their physical health, social standing, and their integrity when it comes to making business.

This is really hard for famous celebrities especially when they are turning down a project that is already at hand because of a sad injury that they had in the previous project they are working with. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal actress and model, Liza Soberano.

The multi-award actress Liza has been the talk of the town all over social media after people have learned that she is going through an operation. We all know that the actress has been the one who is to take up the role of the upcoming Darna movie and many of her fans have been excited with the news. But recently, the excitement was totally shut down after learning that the actress couldn’t do the movie because of a certain condition that she had.

Apparently, many people are surprised and some are even dismayed after getting the scoop that their idol Liza will not continue on shooting the film. The movie is now having another set of auditions and they are still in search of the next actress who will take on the role. There are a lot of rumors and fans of the movie are now cheering and rooting for their respective idols to push through the auditions.


Amidst all the poll and speculations of the next Darna, the actress Liza shared to the public that she is going through an operation because of the injury that she had. She says that the reason behind for backing on the film is because she had a hand and finger injury in the past and because the action film is full on heavy movements and stunts she is afraid that she might break her finger again.

In one of the Instagram post of her brother Justin Soberano, he shared that the operation was a success and he is so happy for his sister. He also wishes for her fast recovery and looking forward to her to get well. Many fans that were worried are now at ease after hearing the news but some still couldn’t accept that fact that she is not going to be the next Darna.

The post of Justin became viral all over social media and people are now talking about his sister all over. They were all wishing her well and they hope to see her on television or on her next big project soon.

Liza Soberano is Filipina Film actress who starred in the famous television drama series called “Dolce Amore”. She is really quite a star in the showbiz industry for she is part of the one of the biggest love team in the country called LizQuen. She is also famous worldwide and has been placed in the Hall of Fame of TC Candler’s most beautiful faces in the world.

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