John Lloyd Cruz’ new commercial ad excites his fans and supporters! Will he finally return for good?

John Lloyd Cruz is a 35-year old actor, model, endorser and television host. His parents are Luisito Llora and Aida Espidol Cruz. He was called“Juward” or “Idan” by his family, and friends. He was adored by many Filipino people as he was the boy-next-door type of man Filipina women dreamed of. But it was in 2017 when he had an indefinite absence in the show business industry because of some of his “personal matter”. Some reports revealed that he had a son with his co-actress Ellen Adarna in the ABS-CBN’s Home Sweetie Home television program.

A lot of his fans and supporters were saddened by the said event but they are still hoping for his comeback and praying for John Lloyd’s happiness. Some netizens had even applauded him because of his courage and strength to left the fame and the fortune of the show business industry.

Not so many people are blessed to be successful in the industry but even though he almost had everything, he still chooses what he thinks is best for him and for his family.

Recently, his fans were very delighted to witness JLC’s newest commercial advertisement. A popular Shawarma brand commercial is the very first appearance of the actor since he left show business, will this be a sign that he would finally come back on the big screen and in doing some other projects as well?

He was not just an award-winning actor of his generation but a great inspiration to other people that living a simple life away from the chaotic world of show business is one if the most important thing an individual could get.

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