James Reid’s Ex Ericka and Nadine’s posts on Instagram spark reactions from netizens.

One of the hardest things to handle in life is relationships. Yes, especially when you are in a serious romantic relationship and taking things up to the next level, there can be a lot of complications and issues. This is because there are a lot of things to adjust from and work things out because you love the person. One of which is the preferences and the history that a certain person have and you cannot deny the fact that people do have a history with others and sometimes we tend to look back into who they are in the past.

But looking back to who they are in the past means also looking to people involved with them and the hardest part is to get to know or to see the exes. Sometimes we hear people getting jealous of how the current partner treats her ex and not receiving the same treatment and sometimes we see people competing online because one is the ex and one is the current partner. This kind of stuff is really complicated and but then again we can relate to these things and that is how just life is.

Apparently, many fans have noticed and have been speculating that the same thing is happening with James Reid’s ex-girlfriend Ericka Villongco and his girlfriend Nadine Lustre. People have noticed that they are having a silent social media battle. This is because for the longest time the two have been posting similar posts and many fans of Nadine are accusing Ericka of copying the actress’ life.

But it was the opposite when it comes to the camp Ericka, apparently, there are a lot of people noticing that Nadine is posting the same style of photos which Ericka is posting on social media. And we might have heard that one time, James’ ex has called Nadine a copycat.

In a statement, Ericka has told Nadine’s fans to get a life and she is not insecure of the things that Nadine have. She also said that she is having the best life why would she copy others.

Now, another set of posts on Instagram have been on the eye of netizens and it was about furniture. Ericka posted about moving out her home while Nadine posted that she will be redecorating her home as well.

The posts gained different reactions from people and many are now intensely talking about it. They are all saying that Nadine is the one copying Ericka while fans of Nadine are saying a lot of things about Ericka. It became really huge and now people are giving out each of their own sentiments on the matter.

Many are entertained of what is happening but there is no real statement made from both camps yet. Maybe it is just coincidences or maybe it has deeper meaning deep within but people wouldn’t know unless one would clear up what they have posted on social media.

Nadine Lustre is one of the famous young stars of her generation. She is best known to have worked as the other half of the love tandem called JaDine in the famous TV series On The Wings of Love. Nadine is also both onscreen and real-life partner of the phenomenal actor James Reid.

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