James Reid responded to netizen’s disapproval of his decision on Idol Contestant Luke Baylon.

We all have different preferences when it comes to many things especially when it comes to music. Yes, some of us may share the same taste but we definitely know that all of us have differences. We may like ballad music while others like rock and roll and it doesn’t mean that we are that different from each other.

But when it comes to competitions and talent search shows, it really is intense and you need to be in your best game. Judges are really experienced and they have a wide variety of listening experience and they know the ins and outs of becoming a star. They know even just for a moment that if a person is demonstrating a quality of a star or if he has the raw talent to grow and become one soon.

This is really a complicated skill that is required of a judge in the show and maybe because of their deep understanding of the music and stardom that some of us find it hard to comprehend and understand where they are coming from. But then again, it doesn’t stop the fact that we have our minds and people can’t say whatever they think is true and whatever they want to say.

Recently, the superstar actor and Idol Philippines Judge have been making a buzz all over social media after people have watched the recent video of an auditionee named Luke Baylon. The aspiring idol shared his story of having two families and two moms and he sang an original rendition of the song “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys.

The reggae rendition of Baylon is really raw and brilliant and people are amazed by the song he performed. But then came after the comments of the judges and the first one to give is James Reid. He said that Baylon is really talented and he finds the song really great but it is not his time yet and they are looking for the total package.

Two of the judges sided also with James saying that they are looking for something more, something extra-special. Asia’s Songbird Regine gave a yes because she liked the raw talent of the young singer and she left an inspiring remark to keep pursuing his craft.


The video earned many comments from fans of the show and because of what James Reid said, many are saying that it was improper for them to say those comments. Now, many are questioning the judges especially James. But on a recent interview, the actor defended his decision and have said that he is still standing by for what they did and they are still looking for a total package.

He also added a message to the viewers of the show that it is really hard for them to be judges because it is hard for them to crush people’s dreams right in front of their eyes and they really want to give the opportunity only to the best of the bests.

James Reid is a Filipino Australian actor and a singer-songwriter. He is known to be part of the biggest love tandem in the Kapamilya Network called “JaDine”. James is also an awesome dancer and a record producer and has put up his own record label.

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