Inspiring Filipino Traveler shares the reason why he brings his mom to vacations around the world yearly!

Filipinos are hardworking people and they stick together through thick and thin. No matter how hard the challenges are they always find a way to get through it together. This is why most Filipino families are very close and often share their problem with each other so that they can provide moral support.

In Filipino culture spending time with your parents is truly worth it and it’s a bond that lasts even in adulthood. Majority of Filipinos spend their adulthood living with their family and even if they have a family of their own they still choose to be with their loved one.

For others, this is frowned upon because every person should be independent because the fact that your staying with your family only means you are still dependent on them. however, many Filipinos believe that this is their way to show how much love they have for their parent by being with their side for as long as they can.

There is nothing wrong in making yourself available to your family members for the rest of your life. You can be there for them whenever they need you and they can be there for you as well.

Recently, a man shared a story of a traveler ashamed of traveling with his mother because he’s already a grown man. While this is debatable to the eyes of other people, for the Pinoy traveler, this is the right thing to do. Every man who has reach success in his life should spend time with his parent who made him the man he is today.

The Pinoy traveler told their story and said that her mother grew up in a poor family and don’t have enough financial capability to send them through high school so one should stay at home and help them work.

Unfortunately for her mom, it was her so she always valued education because this is something she never had. Also, her mother had to endure all the hardships and made sure that all of them graduated college, once they did, the Pinoy traveler swore once he becomes successful he’ll give her mother the best gift that she deserved.

Since he got a job, the Pinoy traveler brought her mother to places she’d never been before. They went to Hongkong, Singapore, Macau, Australia, and Boracay. Their lives had become more comfortable compared to when they were kids and everything was made possible because of her.

Isn’t it just fair to spoil your parents with everything they want as they showered you with love and support when you were young? All their sacrifices and hard work, double jobs, and that overtime just to earn enough money to send you to college. Giving them the luxury of traveling isn’t enough to repay the kindness and care they showed you. but, it’s the least you could do for them. right?

The post had gone viral and people are sharing their travel experiences with their parents and some joke about starting a club of a grown man traveling with their parents.

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