Cute Kitten Finds Snake As Replacement For Owner’s Broken Headset

We must admit that we simply can’t resist the charms of our furry friends. They’re just simply superb in their own little ways without them realizing it! Recently, there has been a sudden boom in the industry of selling and adopting pets especially dogs and cats which are the usual pets that people have at home. They’re just so cuddly and loveable as much as other animals are.

That is probably the reason why being a pet owner is such a wonderful thing to do. It almost equates to being a parent to a human baby! It is as exciting and also it takes up a lot of responsibility to take care of a pet, they have feelings and also needs. They’re not as independent as human babies, because babies grow up to be independent but our furry friends are not like that. They’re our forever little ones at home.

Now, let’s talk about this pet owner who has a kitten. The background story of the two was not revealed in the post especially whether the owner adopted the kitten or he bought it from a shop. All we know is his post about his kitten was adorable yet terrifying. Yes! At the same time. Curious? Let’s unveil that now.

One night, Haryanto was chilling with his kitty. Cats’ attentions are usually caught by strings, right? So, while he was using his mobile phone and just lying on the bed with his kitten, he didn’t mind it at all that the kitten was already playing with his earphones. It was okay at first, but the baby cat tore it apart. We all know how sharp their paws are and how they play with strings. It’s like the string holds all their happiness.

There are people who really treat their earphones as essentials, especially if the person is highly introverted. Upon seeing the torn apart earphones, Haryanto felt irritated and sad. It was his earphones and good ones don’t come with an affordable price! Then again, his kitten has this pair of eyes that can melt anyone’s hearts. Haryanto felt angry for a few seconds and just felt sad after, it was his earphones but he loved his kitty cat.

He let it slide, what else can he do than accept that he just had to buy a new pair? He just went back to chilling and lying down on the bed while the cat went away for a while. Surprisingly, it went back with an apology gift. It was a really thoughtful kitty and also very apologetic about what happened. The kitten knew that he did something wrong based on his owner’s reaction.

Apology gifts usually capture your heart or even melt it. You would go, “Aww” right? But not for Haryanto. He had mixed emotions upon seeing a snake that the kitty captured for him as a replacement of the ruined earphones! The kitten put effort on it for the snake was not breathing anymore. In the end, Haryanto still loved the kitty, but would probably be more careful with his reactions next time.

Well, his heart surely didn’t melt with that gift! Thanks for tuning in up until the end. Have a great day!

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