Benefits: Crying over broken Ex can help you lose weight

Where do broken hearts go? Did you sing the lyrics? It’s usually the anthem of people who got their hearts broken whenever they go to the karaoke to sing their hearts out just to relieve the pain without shedding a tear. But, tears are not always a bad thing. There are actually different kinds of tears and I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking of tears of joy and pain or grief, right?

Well, let us educate you a bit with the three kinds of tears in scientific terms. The first one is what we call the Basal tears. Basal tears are the ones we release when we are yawning or when our eyes are too dry already that they automatically tear up. Bottom line, it keeps our eyes moist. The next type is the Reflex. Reflex tears are our tears when we’re outside and there is a lot of dust that goes inside our eyes.

The reflex one is actually pretty common especially for people who like hanging outside and doesn’t have any eye protection. The last one is the Psychic tears. I guess you already know what kind of tears these are. You’re right! Psychic tears are correlated to our emotions. Whether we’re sad, happy or angry these tears always come up if you’re the emotional type.

Okay, let’s go back to heartbroken people. Of course, as people who are in pain, you tend to cry for your ex a lot right? You probably feel hopeless just because he/she left you, but don’t worry we have some good news for you that might make you smile and it is actually scientifically proven by experts. If you feel like you’ve gained weight when you were together and you’re stressed about it before, worry no more!

Tears are actually said to remove toxins from the body said by a biochemist named, Willian Frey. So, whenever you’re crying, it also means that you are excreting toxins from your body! Let’s just imagine that all the crying is helping you also in some way. Aside from the toxins it removes, it is also said to help with losing weight!

Can you believe it? Whenever you cry for him/her it’s actually one step towards helping yourself to get more gorgeous. Crying prevents the fats from building up inside of you, not all fats of course, but some. They said that it is best to cry from 7 up to 10 in the evening while watching tearjerker dramas. It can be a good way to lose weight, yet it is still not a good suggestion to always cry.

If your ex is not around anymore, it has a proper reason for sure. It could be for your growth as a person or it could be that you’re both meant for someone else. We’re not promoting you to always cry, it’s just another news that might make you smile or even laugh.

Cheer up, sweetie! The next one might just be around the corner and probably better.

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