Bayani Agbayani counsels Ai ai Delas Alas to turn down Ex-Battalion.

Comedy in the Philippines is something that is in a high pedestal. Filipinos love smiling and laughing which is why comedians that are really good with making people laugh have top-grossing films, shows and other forms of events. From Dolphy Quizon (King of Comedy) up to Vice Ganda which is this generation’s favorite host, actor, and comedian, Filipinos love them so. Not just the two, but also other comedians and some will be mentioned later on.

Recently, there has been a spark of Facebook lives online that a lot of people were waiting for. Why? It was the revelation of three people, a couple and another woman. The lives also mentioned some people who are part of a group called, “Ex-battalion”. This group faced a lot of criticism, but their music gave Filipinos serious LSS (last song syndrome) just because of the catchiness.

Lately, the group faced some difficulties with their supposed-to-be rising careers with the music industry. It happened when all of them were caught in trouble because of one member that committed infidelity with his wife that he just married less than a year ago. It sparked rumors and the group’s popularity was mostly plummeting after the problem. A comedian took pity and decided that maybe she can be their manager. It’s none other than the Queen of Comedy, Ms. Ai-Ai Delas Alas.

She looked pass through the group’s wreck and she might have seen some talent and potential. But, of course, before pursuing such things, she asks some advice first from people who know her well and likes looking after her. One of the people she asked is her new friend, another comedian, Mr. Bayani Agbayani. Bayani is a naturally funny guy but is known to be serious when the situation requires him to.


Deals Alas asked him she was going to do the right thing. In one interview, Agbayani answered what he told Ai-Ai. He explained that if it is through a legal process and if you know that these boys will be good people after you help them, then it might be good for all of you. He also said that in the end, she’s the one that knows the boys because he never had the chance to meet them yet so who was he to judge if they were good or bad. He was also asked how he handles criticisms because the group faced a lot of those lately.

He shared that he’s not into technology and he doesn’t have an account online. He said that he’s actually happy to not see bad words about him, although he welcomes those things because it makes him grow as a person. But, he said that only his children see the negative stuff online which they don’t share to him at all. Agbayani states that, no matter how hard you work, there will always be people who would be irritated with your craft.

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