Baron Geisler plans to settle down and marry his psychologist girlfriend!

Love truly change a person, isn’t? It can always be for better and for the good but sometimes it can also be the other way around for some people. But for actor Baron Geisler, it was indeed for his own good as he was already planning to settle down with his girlfriend Jamie Marie Evangelista.

The 36-year old actor confirmed that they have been engaged for three months and they are finalizing the date of their wedding. The two became official couple last September 2018. Evangelista had been Geisler’s partner for 8 months now and she is also a psychologist.

She works in rehabilitation centers and teaching college students as well. She helps those people who were dependent on drugs and alcohols.

The actor had been known for his rude behavior as he got involved in some bar brawls and harassments that led him to jail several times. He was also very grateful to his fiancee that she was very patient and she also understands him more than anyone else. He was also asked about what motivates him to finally decide to get married and he just said that he was tired playing, tired partying and just wanted to have his own family.

He was indeed a great inspiration to those people who thought that their life had nothing more but troubles and nothing at all. He was given a second chance not just in his personal life but in his showbiz career as well, as he now portrays as the new enemy of Cardo Dalisay in the top-rating show of ABS-CBN “FPJ’s: Ang Probinsiyano”.

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