WHO: Children should only have 1 hour of gadget a day!

Parents only wanted what is best for their children in every aspect and in every single way. Many parents do not want their child to suffer nor cry because they could not get the things, or maybe the food that they wanted.

Recently, the World Health Organization or WHO advised everyone to limit their time in using gadgets for only an hour a day! It is very noticeable nowadays that parents tend to let their little ones to be entertained by their phones, tablets or computers instead of playing some other physical activities.

Children before plays a lot more time with their friends engaging in physical activities like “luksong baka”, “luksong tinik”, “luksong lubid”, “Chinese garter”, “trumpo”, “yoyo”, “teks”, “pogs”, “holen”, “jackstones”, “langit lupa”, “patintero”, “habulan”, “taguan”, “tumbang preso” and even flying kites in the afternoon.

Now, children used to learn gadgets at a very young age, as they can easily click the videos or the games they wanted to watch or they wanted to play and they were just sitting or lying down on their beds. As people tend to be more engaged in using gadgets nowadays, WHO reminded parents that they should guide and limit their children in just an hour of using their gadgets a day.

For children to grow healthy, parents and guardians should also follow the “sit less and play more” concept. For the children’s playtime with cars, dolls, and figures three hours is enough and the use of some educational tools like puzzles and jigsaw are highly recommended.

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