Pokwang’s daughter baby Malia astounded the netizens with her cute video!

Babies are blessings from the Lord. They are the family’s bundle of joy and inspiration. They can simply take away tiredness, and loneliness with their smile, laughter, and cute gestures. They can even change lives because of their existence. Happiness can be so easy to achieve as long as you are with them.

No wonder that this cute little daughter of the Kapamilya actress and comedienne Pokwang had captured the hearts of the public. Recently, she had this cute and adorable video with her Nanay where she showcases her talent in acting. It actually earned countless comments and reactions from the netizens.

Pokwang acted like she was choke and baby Malia imitated what she did. Baby Malia is Pokwang’s third child and her first to her American actor husband Lee O’Brian.

Pokwang or Marietta Subong is a 48-year old comedian, actress, television host, and singer. She is not just an amazing actress and comedian but a wonderful mom as well. She might have been experienced a lot when it comes to her past relationships but she was still very blessed to have a wonderful life together with her children and husband.

Her life was a great inspiration to many other people out there to never lose hope in their lives because you will never know when and how great things will happen to your life.

Just keep a strong faith into the Lord, love yourself and the people around you and all the blessings you deserve will definitely be granted unto you.


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napaka arteeeee!!!! Husay mang gaya hahahahaahhaa

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