Look at the stunningly beautiful celebration of Kim Chiu on her 29th birthday!

Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu or simply Kim Chiu is a 29-year-old actress, singer, recording artist, television host, model, endorser, and vlogger. She rose to prominence as she been part of the Pinoy Big Brother in the Kapamilya network. recently celebrated her birthday in the Balesin island along with her family.

She was admired not just because of her Chinita looks and acting prowess in different genres but because of her cute and bubbly personality as well. The netizens especially her fans and supporters could not help it but notice about her blooming complexion, and gorgeous figure! Some netizens had also commented that she can actually audition as one of the actresses who wanted to try getting the Darna project.

The Kapamilya actress had also ridden a horse and surprised everyone that she can actually do that and she looks like a professional equestrian. Not everyone can believe that she really knew how to ride a horse as she seems to be very feminine and she doesn’t look like she enjoys riding horses.

The public also noticed that her boyfriend Xian Lim was not present on her birthday celebration, but the Chinita Princess was still very happy as they also had a chance to celebrate her birthday with the love of her life together with Xian’s mother and grandmother in Taiwan.

It was such a great blessing to celebrate one’s birthday, especially with your family and loved ones. Kim had also been so hard working for the past few years and she deserves to relax and unwind especially on her special day.

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