This woman did her best to loose weight but she unfortunately had this sickness in return!

Everybody had their ideal weight, besides who doesn’t want a slim and well-toned body? It is every women’s dream to be on their best physique as much as possible. It is like a beautiful crowning glory for them. But what would you do if you successfully lost those weights but in return, you tend to be sick?

This actually happened to Lexi Reed who hits the gym every single time she can but she had to experience so much pain after achieving her ideal weight. Just after her successful journey to lose weight, she started complaining about chronic body pain. His husband supported her all throughout her journey but was surprised to know about this sickness of her.

She actually lost 300 lbs and when she really thought that it is now the time to enjoy everything, this pain really strikes her. The couple decided to go to the hospital and consult an expert. And there they learned that she needs surgery for her saggy skin because it pulled off her body which causes it to be painful.

She had undergone surgery to remove those skin and she is now happier and enjoying the finer things in life that she can’t do before.

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