This is a practical and unique gift idea that will surely surprise and amaze your loved ones!

Valentine’s Day is a kind of a special day mostly for couples where they tend to send and give their special someone and loved one’s chocolates, love cards, and the bouquet of flowers. It was indeed a celebrated day, given attention and time by a lot of people.

Recently, this photo went viral in different social media platforms because it was very unique and unusual to have such “grocery bouquet”. As this boyfriend named Vince Lubuguin think of a thoughtful way to surprise his girlfriend Mikee with this amazing bouquet. According to him, he always wanted to make every moment for her girlfriend memorable, that is why he tried to surprise his girlfriend that way.

He also named it a “grocery bouquet” as he replaced those expensive flowers and chocolates with some of Mikee’s daily needs, favorite snacks, toiletries, and some breakfast drinks. It is very practical nowadays as flowers can only be withered after a few days but with this kind of bouquet, you can definitely have a good morning every day until the stocks on it last aren’t? Many netizens could not help it but be amazed on this witty idea that Vince came up with. How about you? What is your sweet but unique gift to your loved one?

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