This grade 10 student will soon be having a child with his 31-year old girlfriend!

Mothers know best, and it is also one of the most unconditional love a person can have. Mothers can sacrifice everything she has just for the welfare of their children and family. That is why many netizens could not help it but have sympathy for Mommy Aileen De Vera.

She asked help to the popular broadcast journalist known to be the brave, generous, and helpful man, Raffy Tulfo. In Raffy Tulfo’s program, mommy Aileen shared how she wanted her son Angelo, 16 years old, a grade 10 student to finished studies. But her son Angelo had a really big problem because he doesn’t want to go to school anymore. And aside from that, his girlfriend who is so much older than him is pregnant with their first child.

The mother made such deal that they will be the one to support Marichu Galleban, the 31-year old girlfriend of Angelo and the baby she is carrying, as well as Marichu’s first daughter to her previous relationship but in return, Angelo will continue to finish his studies first before pursuing to find a job.

Although both parties had their past issues and misunderstandings everybody agreed on the agreement that Angelo’s parents had offered. Not just for the sake of the baby but for the sake of their son’s future and it’s soon to be family.

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