This dogs inspires many people to give thanks and pray before eating!

Our country, Philippines is known to be the 5th largest Christian country on Earth. It was no doubt that prayer is always an important ritual for each and every one of us especially before meals, upon waking up and when it is already time to fall asleep.

But would you believe that this religious ritual of us was also taught to some dogs? Yes, it is true! There are dogs that are well-trained to wait for their prayer before eating their meal. A video of a man teaching his beloved dogs to pray before eating had already earned almost 500,000 views. The said viral video was uploaded by Lito Saguisag on social media.

The dogs were not just obedient but they are all well-behaved and disciplined. At the beginning of the video, the dogs were all panicky and seem that they were really hungry. But when the man gave them the food they waited patiently and they look like they were all praying and thanking for the food that they are going to eat. When the man initiates and finished their prayer they finally ate together quietly.

This video had really inspired many people to reflect on the things to be thankful for and how to be grateful enough. This will surely be a great realization to many Filipinos to take their time and grow in faith.

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