This 17-year old young man married a 71-year old woman in China

Love is really a wonderful and beautiful feeling anyone could ever dream of. Almost all people dreamed of meeting the love of their lives. True enough love knows no boundaries, age, ethnicity, and race.

As this couple proves that love is something worth fighting for, they inspired many people after marrying each other despite a very huge age gap between them. Chinese couple Sierra Mette and Luo Hanya held their wedding in China. The 17-year old Sierra Mette proved his love to the 71-year old grandmother Luo Hanya by marrying her.

They had also invited their families and relatives to witness their union. They wanted to share their happiness with the people they love. Before, it was not a smooth relationship after all as their families were against them being together. But they keep pushing through and insisted on being together whatever happens.

Though arranged marriage is a very common practice in China, the two were never forced to like each other but they really do fell in love with each other.

Their respective families are now very much happy for their matrimony as they really showed everyone how much they loved each other and had proved them that their love is genuine and worth fighting for!

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