Raffy Tulfo sponsored and personally attend the wedding of a former security guard who got electrocuted at work and lost his both arms!

Raffy Tulfo is a 58-year old broadcast journalist who was known in helping people to solve some of their work-related and even personal concerns. His programs also focus on government and private sector issues.

In one of his programs, a poor security guard asked help last December as he was abandoned by his agency after being electrocuted at work! The security guard is known to be Alex and together with his partner Josielyn Bueno they had told the whole story to Raffy Tulfo about how he was electrocuted on duty.

It was an unfortunate thing that happened to him but instead of the agency and company helping him, they dropped the poor security guard in just an instant. He was not able to receive his benefits because the agency he belonged to was not really paying his Philhealth and SSS monthly contributions.

Arles Quiambao is the Operations Manager of JNP Twin Eagle Agency who had been called to explain on Raffy’s program. Raffy could not hold out his anger and told him that they should take good care of their workers especially now that the security guard had lost both of his arms and sensitive parts of his body while he was on duty.

It was also revealed that the said company offered the couple P20,000 in order for them to sign a “Quit Claim” contract on the company. Raffy Tulfo then talked to the said agency and they agreed with a substantial amount of money to help the poor security guard.

After that, Raffy was amazed and surprised by the man’s positive outlook in life. That is why he promised to help him and his partner in their most awaited wedding as well as giving them a sari-sari store and a “carinderia”. Raffy Tulfo as a wedding sponsor for the couple had also attended the wedding personally and had also pushed the wheelchair of the now happy former security guard Alex.

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