Julia Barreto was called as “The Queen of Flat-Chested” community in social media!

Women have different issues especially on the way they look and the way they carry themselves. Nowadays, it has been a big deal and a big issue for many people. Social media has also been a great influencer to the public in terms of this concern.

Recently, Julia Barreto made rounds in different social media platforms not just because of her stunning and alluring photos in her secret vacation but also because of the fact that she revealed that she seldom wears an undergarment because of her flat chest. Would you believe that she can slay any outfit even without a brassiere? Actually, she walked on the red carpet without wearing one in a plunging neckline dress.

It was on the program “Tonight With Boy Abunda” when Joshua Garcia, her on-screen partner shared that it has been a cause of their arguments whenever Julia doesn’t wear a brassiere. He strongly disagrees with the choice of Julia to not wear a brassiere, especially on most occasions.

The 21-year old young actress explained herself that if she really finds it uncomfortable to wear and it is also because she was not gifted at all to wear such. She also added that there is nothing that the brassiere could hold up to.

Because of this many people admired her and got inspired as they were in the same situation. Some had also dubbed her as “The Queen of Flat-Chested Community”.

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