Here is Shan Cai now from the very first Meteor Garden TV series after 15 years!

Who could ever forget the Meteor Garden fever that many of us really admired and had been a great part of our teenage life? It was 2003 when the “Meteor Garden television series” was first aired in the Philippines. It has also been re-aired a few more times due to the public’s demand. Before K-dramas captured the hearts of many Filipinos, it was first Taiwan’s Meteor Garden who had our hearts. Fans of the said TV series really went crazy over the main casts Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Barbie Hsu.

After almost 15 years, many Filipinos still had the Meteor Garden Fever that we had felt before. It seems that it was just yesterday when we fell in love with all the characters of the manga-based series. But have you ever wondered what happened to them? Especially to their bubbly ray of sunshine, Shan Cai?

Many of their fans were excited to know that Vic Zhou portraying the role of Lei and Barbie Hsu as Shan Cai actually had a real-life romance after the Meteor Garden airing. But after three years they just called it quits without confirming any reasons.

And now, Barbie Hsu is married to her Chinese mainland restaurateur husband Wang Xiaofei for almost 8 years. He is actually five years her junior. She is still performing, acting, and currently a member of the S.O.S. girl group.

At 41-years old she already had two lovely daughters, but unfortunately, she had to terminate her third pregnancy as her doctor could not detect the baby’s heartbeat. After all those years, she still is one of the ageless and beautiful faces many people admired and loved!

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