Actor Aljur Abrenica broke his silence about the sweetness of his wife Kylie and Ruru Madrid!

Many couples will definitely agree that when your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse is being paired or teased with another person your eyebrows will rise and so is your temper. But some actually understand the fact that it cannot be controlled especially when you are both a showbiz personality or a public figure.

The best example for this is the newly-wed Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla. They are both in the show business industry. Their names made rounds in social media since they announced that they already expecting their first born and they named him Alas Joaquin Abrenica whose birthday is August 4.

Recently, Kylie Padilla has an upcoming television series and many people were surprised to saw the epic reaction of her husband Aljur Abrenica. On the said TV show, Kylie portrays as a tricycle driver Gelay Dimagiba and her love interest is Ruru Madrid whose character is Among Magsino.

Aljur Abrenica showed his support to his wife on the said premiere but after seeing the sweet part of Ruru and Kylie, he only smiled and shook his head. What could be the meaning behind it? Is he jealous?

Jealous or not, it is clear that the two of them supports each other on their crafts. And that they are really good parents to their son Alas.

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